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Client: Projects Beyond Borders

A new startup company with international ambitions!

The Challenge

Projects Beyond Borders (PBB) is a newly established education consultancy whose mission is to promote international collaboration in the fields of education and sport. PBB have highly knowledgeable staff who between them have a vast experience in their fields of work which needed to be showcased in a modern, fresh and engaging format that would appeal to todays international market place.

The team work in many regions around the world so it was critical that the website could be viewed in multiple languages. The team also wanted to able to have the right system in place to allow for substantial site growth as the team and its services grew. The site had to be easy to manage and update and training would be required.

Use of social media was critical to gain credibility and engage with and help build their client base. Ranking in search engines for strategic keywords was also a requirement and that would be linked to and strengthened by active use of social media tools. The team wanted to showcase their clients and affiliates as well as provide a clear message as to their services in the international market place.

The Solution

We helped Projects Beyond Borders with branding and establishing a full social media enhanced web presence. We provided a responsive web site viewable on all devices. We utilised Google Translation Services to offer the website in multiple language variants. To allow the staff to be able to easily update the website training was provided. Ongoing support for technical management is managed by the Webformity team leaving PBB to concentrate on their business. A single page design provides a fresh current design to engage clients in the international market place and also allows for expansion to multiple pages whenever additional content is needed.

WordPress was chosen for its compliance to standards and its ability to provide a responsive theme and allow the team with a little training to manage site updates. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn were chosen initially as the main social media tools and branded business pages were setup and advice given on integrating the accounts and how to make effective use of them. The system is setup to allow PBB to blog when they feel they are ready for that commitment also.

Services provided on this project

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Full Translation Service

The need to allow site visitors to read the site in multiple languages was a high priority and the most cost effective way to achieve this was to use Google Translate. The translate function is incorporated as a discrete fly-out module that in this instance appears on the right hand side of the website and is usable on all devices from the largest TV or desktop monitor to the smallest smartphone.

Google offer their free automatic translation service in over 75 languages but its up to you, the client, to decide if you want to offer all languages or you have a specific set of countries and therefore languages that you are targeting. Changing the options is a small configuration setting by ticking a few check boxes therefore easy and full control over this is in the clients hands. It is also possible to force a translated version to automatically appear by detecting the language of the operating system the website visitor is using.

Google translate is actually very good but if you require precise control over the translation that is offered, it is also possible to have multiple localised versions of your site that users can switch between. This is a more costly exercise both in terms of development and getting professional translation services, but is certainly an option we can offer.

Use the slider on the image below to view English or the translated simplified Chinese language.

Fully Responsive Design

Catering for Multiple Devices

A challenge for all businesses today is to ensure their website can be viewed on a wide variety of screen resolutions. This design employs the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 page coding allowing for ultimate responsiveness and dynamic resizing without compromising quality or the user experience.

Optimised for TV, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone

The Content Management System running this clients site has specific controls for Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone allowing for ultimate optimisation of how the site is rendered at the different resolutions. The right amount of space between sections may be perfect on your laptop but are they too much on your Smartphone – preview functions allow you to independently tweak all manner of settings. No Coding Required!

The PBB team has worked with Cliff from Webformity for many years now. He has always provided us with unique solutions for a wide range of web-based and ICT-based problems.  The current Projects Beyond Borders web site is a true reflection of his technical skills and eye for design. He has an excellent knowledge of contemporary technological platforms and their relevance and application to the world of education. I would recommend him wholeheartedly if you seek effective and practical solutions to your technological questions and needs.

Dr. Allan Lawrence

Director, Projects Beyond Borders


The site went live in October 2015 and was well received and started to attract attention due to the PBB teams excellent use of the social media tools Webformity had empowered them with.

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