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Client: Not So Little Me

An independant Fashion, Dance and Travel Blogger

The Challenge

Having started her blog site on Blogger my client, a talented design student, wanted to move her blog over to using WordPress so that she would have much more options in regard to page design and functionality. The site was around a year old so had attracted a number of blog posts, comments and followers. The site was also indexed in Google and Bing along with other search engines. She also wanted to own and use a more friendly domain name moving from notsolittlemoi.blogspot.co.uk to notsolittleme.com

The brief was to provide a better blogging solution with options to allow her to build pages and create a portfolio of her design work. As a web consultant with over 20 years experience at the highest level I was able to bring my experience of migrating web services into play and set about planning a seamless migration which would not only provide a much better editing experience for my client but a much enhanced blog site with oodles of design capabilities for layout and presentation of the site blog, pages and portfolio designs.

The client whilst being an experienced blogger needed some formal training in the new system to learn how she create enhanced layouts for her blog posts and pages and of course build her design portfolio. We provided two training sessions only and that was enough with a little bit of email/telephone support for her to be comfortable with the enhanced capability she now has.

The Solution

We provided our state of the art WordPress solution which incorporated our favourite and amazingly flexible theme and added a few proven plugins to add some interesting design options. We also provided hosting for this client and took over DNS management of the domain name we had acquired on her behalf.

After client briefing and subsequent design meetings a design was set and the site was setup and work started on syndicating content across from the old blog to the new blog. Proper 301 URL redirection from the old domain to the new domain was employed so that Google, Bing and other search engines would be able to maintain current rankings and update page url links. Redirection from the clients old Blogger site was put in place mapping correctly to each blog item. The site launched once the client was happy that all posts were migrated and new content was written.

New functionality was added to syndicate the clients Instagram feed and a subscription option was added with email notification so that her followers could be kept up to date withe new site content. Of course we also provided a fully responsive experience so that no matter what device is used to view the site the user has a great experience.

Services provided on this project

Portfolio icon Web Hosting Icon

Fully Responsive Design

Catering for Smartphones

A challenge for all bloggers today is to ensure their blog can be viewed on a wide variety of screen resolutions. This design employs the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 page coding allowing for ultimate responsiveness and dynamic resizing without compromising quality or the user experience.

Optimised for TV, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone

The Content Management System running this clients site has specific controls for Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone allowing for ultimate optimisation of how the site is rendered at the different resolutions. The right amount of space between sections may be perfect on your laptop but are they too much on your Smartphone – preview functions allow you to independently tweak all manner of settings. No Coding Required!

Social Sharing & Following

As a blogger it’s incredibly important to offer the means for your website visitors to easily share your content as well as offering them options to follow your social media outlets. My client asked for options and settled on a floating widget that sticks to the left hand side of the screen and allows website visitors to select the social icon via which they wish to share your content with their followers. In addition she also chose to have inline sharing option of share icons displayed at the bottom of each post and images also have the Pin it icon displayed as the website user hovers over them.

5 star rating for webformity.com. My blog transition to WordPress was a daunting one, but the time and patience taken to teach me the ways of the program, as well as being available 24/7 for any queries I might have had, not only via email, but by personal tutorials as well, really made the process so much easier. As an example of how pro-active Cliff was: after I’d decided to switch from Blogger to WordPress in our first meeting, my whole blog content was transferred to my new site by the next day! With the knowledge and help I received from Webformity, I couldn’t recommend a better company!
Annabelle Lawrence

University Student


We encourage you to visit our clients site and take a look at her posts, a strong sense of purpose throughout is shown. Fashion, Dancing and Travel is the theme and she posts some great articles. One recent claim to fame is her work on some of the dance costumes for 2015 Strictly Come Dancing!

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