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Webformity specialise in working with schools and are able to offer a unique and bespoke set of options to help bring your site up to inspection quality and beyond.

Government legislation mandates some of the essential information that schools are required to have readily available and easily found on your school website. These obligations are growing each year with recent changes including an increase in the amount of information the school must display about the school governors for example. There are over twenty essential requirements in total – Do you know what they are and do you have them all in place?

There is a further list of recommended information that schools should consider making available on their school site. Whilst this is only a recommendation we have it on good authority that Ofsted look to see if the suggestions have been taken on board. A significant part of Ofsted’s preparation for your inspection will be spent researching your school, combing through the school website, to establish how well you communicate with your community. The information they find or do not find on your website will inform their questioning during the inspection and ultimately their judgement of your school.

Webformity have a wealth of, not only technical and creative expertise, but also educational experience on the team which allows us to work with schools in several capacities

  • We will audit your current digital strategy including your website, communication and use of social media, to make recommendations on how it could be improved to get your message across in the most effective way possible
  • We will audit your website to see if it fulfils all the statutory requirements and how many of the ‘good practice’ requirements you have in place
  • We offer a full web design and build service – We appreciate that schools may not have the time nor expertise to deliver what is required of them to provide information in an engaging way via the web. So we will take the strain off you
  • We understand that schools are fast pace environments and know that school teaching and support staff are often far too busy to manage their web content in a timely manner, often relying on busy IT departments to manage update. – is this sounding familiar to you?
  • Webformity have experienced technical and creative writers that can help schools to create more engaging content with timely and regularly updated information presented in the best possible way, using the powerful content management system Webformity use to build and manage each website they develop
  • We will provide full training to allow school staff to take on board site updates and maintenance or you can let Webformity handle them for you!
  • We provide an initial 6 months free maintenance support that includes handling backups, core and plugin upgrades, theme updates and responding to any service disruption or issue reported on the website
  • We can provide hosting via a very reliable hosting company who specialise in WordPress hosting and provide server level admin panel for those schools that have a technical department, otherwise Webformity or the hosting company are happy to provide any support – Hosting options and details on request

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